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Personal Notes from An Event Apart, Boston, 2015
Jeffrey Zeldman, A List Apart, A Book Apart, An Event Apart

 Life experience provides perspective. A bad day with a hard client isn’t as bad as it might seem when compared with washing peas and carrots off dishes 8 hours a day. 

  1. Work never sells itself. You need a strategy to sell the work regardless of the quality. You need data and facts to sell your design or product. Every web page should have a desired next action. 
  2. In big companies, politics trumps work. 
  3. Attitude trumps work in most companies. Entitlement kills chances for advancement. Great work and bad attitude = fired. 
  4. First impressions are forever. 

We are our own worst enemy. Our lack of advancement isn’t other people’s fault as much as what we are doing. Seek to make human contact. Making contact is key to growing personally and in your career. 

How to get your portfolio out there? Use dribble or Behance and blog. Develop your voice and demonstrate that you can make something.  You will build confidence in yourself by blogging. 

It’s our job to explain what we do. Manage our managers. 


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