Magical UX

Personal Notes from An Event Apart, Boston, 2015
Magical UX and the Internet of Things by Josh Clark, Principal, Global Moxie

For so many years we’ve been locked into how we interact with computers. The mouse and keyboards were ubiquitous. Today we’re experiencing the shift from that to physical interaction.

1.  Magic and technology

The phone can be our magic wand. It’s the bridge between the digital and physical. Perhaps the first Internet of things device. Available at the point of inspiration.

The phone has started to bring computing power to immobile objects; light bulbs and door openers etc.

How can we caption our lives with technology instead of framing our lives?

The goal is to make the technology invisible not a separation from life.

2. Physical meet digital

Physical have been tied to screens in the past. The opportunity is to return digital interactions to the human environment.

The world is a data source. Sensors are everywhere. Use them to extend our will.

3. Magic imagined

Technology used to be built with Unobtanium. Now things are obtainable and inexpensive. So, how do we break out of screen driven worlds?

Look at objects around us and think how we can make them more of what they are. How can we bend technology to our lives, not the reverse.

Don’t just as data. Add insight. Expose as little technology as possible and avoid distraction. Technology should amplify our humanity.