This morning I was privileged to listen to a panel of young adults discussing what is important to them about their community of faith. In a climate where over 60 percent of young people are leaving organized religion, this was a refreshing insight into what really matters to this important demographic. Here’re a few takeaways.

What kind of communication is meaningful from your church?

  • Twitter
  • Emails – Not default preference, but many still use it even though it’s not the first choice.
  • Facebook –  Clickbait headlines work (A link that intrigues) Also, someone said liking own status gets post seen more.
  • Text messages
  • Feedly

What’s interesting? What grabs your interest?

  • Controversy
  • Intriguing headlines
  • Be balanced and Bible-based…not propaganda. Share the issues and let me decide.

What makes church meaningful for you?

  • Give me things that challenge my relationship with God
  • Spoon-feeding is not enough
  • Nurture connections, build relationships
  • Recognize that young people have valuable things to contribute to church

What is your dream for your church?

  • A place where anyone can come and find acceptance and growth
  • A more direct gospel and a more intimate approach to the Bible
  • Expand beyond the traditional demographics. Get into the inner cities and reach out more.
  • A place where anyone can feel welcome and can understand what’s talked about.
  • Done with issues – stop arguing over old issues
  • Come as you are in whatever clothes
  • A church that focuses more on loving the person and less on hating the sin
  • Address all sin equally and don’t give certain sins the stage while ignoring others
  • My time is valuable…keep me growing, don’t just give me fluff.
  • Help me connect and find community when I’m new. Take the initiative to engage me when I visit.

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