Experienced Communicator


  1. Successful twenty-four-year track record in communication leadership
  2. Ability to manage multiple projects, aggressive time lines, and strict budgets
  3. Strong background in social media promotions, graphic design, video production, web development, print production and corporate marketing 


Multimedia Production

  • Experienced director and editor of seven broadcast documentaries and countless short videos 
  • Veteran videographer with extensive experience planning for and acquiring footage in remote, difficult locations
  • Experienced anchor and voice talent
  • Skilled audio editor and producer of countless commercials as well as a fundraising package used by over 150 radio stations

Marketing and Promotions

  • Social media marketer
  • Experienced promoter of two urban awareness campaigns
  • Seasoned crisis communicator and crisis coach

Internet Development

  • Designer and coder building responsive websites.
  • Experienced website refresher
  • Online app developer
  • Manager and co-developer of a multi-platform mobile app

Written Communications

  • Proficient news writer and social media communicator
  • Author of numerous feature articles for major publications
  • Experienced promotional writer for print and web
  • Able to craft targeted fundraising campaigns

Graphic Design and Print

  • Capable graphic designer of corporate branding, newsletters, magazines and promotional materials
  • Deft web designer
  • Experienced editor, having worked with four major national and regional publications

Project Management

  • Major event producer including concerts, the annual mission rally for Adventist Frontier Missions as well as the annual camp meeting for Upper Columbia Conference
  • Coordinated logistics of the KPLW Radio startup, which included supervising the construction of the physical plant, the hiring and training of staff, and the development of a solid station presence in the community which moved KPLW to number one in the target demographic
  • Producer of annual two-day on-air fund raisers for KPLW, an event that generated an average of $90,000